Everything at Elmar’s is about sustainability

Not content with only being one of the best restaurants and breweries in the Swan Valley, Elmar’s in the Valley also has an environmental policy that is based around sustainable tourism. It focuses on using resources sustainably, reducing over-consumption and waste, supporting local economies and communities, training staff and marketing responsibly.

Management believes that conserving and sustaining resources makes long-term business sense – and more often than not saves cents too! Here are just some of the ways sustainability is taken into consideration at Elmar’s.


  • Grain used in the brewing process is collected and fed to neighbouring stables to assist in feeding their horses.
  • Brewery roof allows free flow of air and heat to escape during the brewery process. As a result, heat does not become trapped, which would require energy to cool it.
  • Fermentation tanks are stored in a separate room with ice water running through the double walls of the tanks. This helps keep beer at a cool temperature without requiring further energy for cooling.
  • Hot water used in the brewing process is stored and used for reticulation.
  • One step of the brewing process involves pumping hot wort into the fermenting tanks. The released energy is then recycled and used to create hot water, which is re-used by the brewery and kitchen for cleaning.

Building Design

  • High ceilings minimise energy required to keep the venue cool during the hot summer season.
  • All glass is double glazed for energy efficiency and noise reduction.
  • All rain water collected in gutters is used to replenish local dam.
  • Building has been designed to fit with the backdrop of the Swan Valley, with natural wood styling, enhancing existing landscape and character of the area.
  • 145 solar panels have been installed to reduce our carbon footprint. Since December 2014 we have saved over 127,000 kilograms of CO2 emissions.


  • The kitchen team grow most of their own herbs and spices used for cooking.
  • Paper and ink cartridges are recycled and reused where possible.
  • All cardboard collected is recycled.
  • Left over green waste is collected and given to the owner’s chooks.
  • Energy saving light globes are fitted throughout the building.
  • Woodchips used to smoke Elmar’s small goods products are pesticide free.
  • Excess beer is used in traditional German recipes for cooking.
  • Freezer and fridge design avoids loss of cool air, thus saving energy required for cooling.
  • Signage for festivals and events are reused.
  • Local businesses and resources sourced where possible. For further details, please click here.

The next time you are looking for a restaurant in the Swan Valley, why not give Elmar’s a try?