German Smallgoods Perth

Try our delicious range of smallgoods products in Perth!

As well as being one of the top restaurants in the Swan Valley and an award-winning German restaurant in Perth, Elmar’s also offers a fantastic range of German smallgoods.

Elmar and Anette Dieren came to Australia from Germany in 1987, bringing with them German machinery, knowledge, experience and a passion for smallgoods production. Elmar and Anette opened their first store in Beaufort St, Highate, where they forged a name as one of the best smallgoods manufacturers and for the best Bratwurst in Perth! Following on from the success of the Highgate store, Elmar and Anette opened a second outlet in Booragoon, which has since moved to Myaree. A third outlet was established in 2005, along with a restaurant and brewery, in the Swan Valley. Elmar’s in the Valley serve a number of Elmar’s smallgoods on the menu, as well as award-winning German beer, brewed on site to the Bavarian Purity Law.

Elmar uses only the highest quality product and freshest ingredients in all of his traditional smallgoods recipes. In addition to this, all of the Elmar’s smallgoods products are GLUTEN FREE, and free of any artificial colours or flavours. This allows customers with most allergy problems the ability to happily indulge in Elmar’s delicious products without the risk of allergic reactions.

The beechwood chips used to smoke all of the Elmar’s smallgoods products are imported direct from Germany to ensure they are guaranteed pesticide free. All of the Elmar’s smallgoods products are made to traditional recipes, combined with modern technology under strict quality control.

The Elmar’s smallgoods products are accompanied by a delectable range of European and Continental delights including Dutch cheeses, rye breads, olives, Belgian chocolates and selected preserves. Elmar’s smallgoods range includes assorted smoked sausages, hams, patés and salamis.

Throughout their years of production, Elmar and Anette have always held on to their high quality, no compromise policy.

We look forward to seeing you soon on your next visit to Elmar’s smallgoods!

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