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During COVID-19 restrictions we can only cater for 20 patrons at any given time at our venue. All bookings will have 90 minute limit. No table minimum applies. Please see more information on dining changes during COVID here

Please note! If you need to place a booking at short notice (within 24 hours) please call the restaurant line directly on (08) 9296 6354 to make your booking.

Please make a selection within our available booking times:
Wed + Thurs: 11.30am until 4pm
Fri + Sat: 11am until 8pm
Sun: 11am until 4pm
Kitchen closes one hour prior to closing time
For all other requests, please phone (08) 9296 6354 to discuss.

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For special events such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas Day etc. we do not accept bookings through this booking form. Please call us directly on (08) 9296 6354