Tours and private groups

If you are looking for things to do in the Swan Valley, why not try Elmar’s? As a top Swan Valley restaurant and brewery, Elmar’s is the perfect choice to visit.

Elmar’s in the Valley is a popular destination for winery tours, brewery tours and those looking to enjoy a relaxing afternoon in our Australian park-like BIERGARTEN.

It is required that all drinking groups on private and chartered tours make a booking to secure their place at the venue.

Please note: we have Eftpos facilities throughout the venue but are experiencing technical difficulties and therefore a little patience is needed as it takes a bit longer to process payment. We understand that it is frustrating but we are doing our best. Alternatively, we do have an ATM onsite or guests can set up an individual bar tab.

To see our full Terms and Conditions of the venue, please notify management in writing by emailing or phone 9296 0058 of your intent in bringing in a group.

Dress standards do apply at Elmar’s in the Valley. Please view our Dress Standard Code for further details.

Arrival and Departure Time

Our commitment to provide responsible service of alcohol has led us to believe that a (4) four hour duration is enough time to spend with family, friends and loved ones at the venue for all dedicated tours. The latest booking taken for drinking groups is 2pm. All groups must depart no later than 4pm.


Organiser Responsibility

Each drinking group must have a designated organiser who is financially responsible for any damages, loss or theft of property belonging to Elmar’s in the Valley by the organiser’s guests. The  organiser is required to complete the Drinking Group Booking Form and to disclose credit card details to cover any costs. The costs associated with any minor repairs or abnormal cleaning will be charged to the final account at the rate of $55.00 per hour, per venue staff member. If additional repairs or cleaning is required from an external supplier, these charges will be passed on to the organiser.

Anti-Social Behaviour

Elmar’s in the Valley has zero tolerance of any anti-social behaviour. Guests who do not adhere to the venue’s standards of appropriate behaviour will be escorted from the venue.

Responsible Service of Alcohol

If any member of your group is deemed intoxicated upon arrival, said individual(s) will be refused entry into the venue. It is the responsibility and liability of the organiser to ensure that all guests are aware that Elmar’s in the Valley will not tolerate intoxication, verbal abuse to staff, security or other guests whilst on site. We have a right to refuse entry to the venue.

Wait and Bar staff of the venue reserve the right to refuse service of alcohol if there are any signs of intoxication. Please accept their decision. Staff have an obligation and duty of care to ensure that drinking in excess does not occur on the licensed premise, therefore service will be refused. As stipulated by the law, if any signs of intoxication are present, you will be removed from our licensed premise.

It is your own responsibility to cease drinking 15 minutes prior to departing the venue according to your bus schedule.

It is important to understand that if you appear to look 25 years of age or under, you will be asked to provide identification/proof of age on entry. If you are underage, you will not be allowed entry onto a licensed premise without a parent or legal guardian present. This is the law. 

NO BYO Food and Beverage

Please note as Elmar’s is a fully licensed Venue, no BYO beverages or food items are allowed on the premises. This includes items such as alcoholic & non-alcoholic beverages, fresh fruit, chips, children snacks etc.

Management has the right to do a bag search upon entry and exit to our venue. Any items not permitted on site will be confiscated and discarded.

NO Refunds on Pre-paid food

If your group is deemed intoxicated on arrival and not allowed access into the venue by Security and/ or Venue Management, Elmar’s in the Valley reserves the right to refuse a refund of monies for any pre-paid items (including platters).

Venue Responsibility

Elmar’s in the Valley does not accept responsibility for damages to or loss of any client’s property left on the premises prior to, during or after a group booking. If deemed intoxicated, unruly and dressed inappropriately on arrival, Management reserve the right to refuse entry to the premise. Accept the decision made and move on.


There’s no need to wonder what to do in the Swan Valley when you visit Elmar’s!