Taste Our Beer

Home to the largest glass micro-brewery kettle in the Southern Hemisphere, Elmar’s in the Valley is a Swan Valley Brewery that produces a range of award winning beers, brewed in strict accordance with the 1516 German Beer Purity Law.

Ein SteinPilsner 4.8%

A fine example of German brewing tradition, a delicate and refreshing balance of malt and hops in the mouth, leading into a stunningly dry finish with a beautiful bouquet of hop aroma and honey sweetness.

Kick BackWheat beer 4.8%

A traditional Bavarian Wheat Bier made using 50% wheat malt with a thirst quenching burst of banana. With hints of vanilla and a subtle finish of aromatic hops coming through on the end.

Over DraughtAlt Ale 5.2%

A classic Dusseldorf style Alt Bier, brewed with a blend of dark roasted malts, which in turn contribute to the light copper colour of this beer. Combined with Ale yeast this beer has rich fruit flavours and an assertively hoppy and dry finish.

Schwarz Bier(SEASONAL) 5.0%

A dark German lager, ruby red in colour, with a chocolatey coffee flavour. Schwarzbier is much milder and less bitter than British stouts and porters.

Helles(Seasonal) 3.7% - 3.9%

Straw-blonde in colour and traditionally brewed in Munich, Helles has a pleasantly sweet, grainy aroma. It is malty, with just a hint of bitterness, making it a clean, easy drinking lager.

Bock Bier(Seasonal) 6.0%

Elmar’s version of the Traditional Bock Bier, with strong malt characteristics and a fruity flavour. This refreshing beer is rich golden to amber in colour with a smooth, creamy head. Liquid bread!

Kölsch(Seasonal) 4.3%

This tasty ale is fermented at a cooler temperature which results in a less fruity taste, PERFECT for a hot day in our famous Two Acre Beer Garden!

DunkelLager 4.8%

An old friend of Bavaria. A smooth, rich and complex beer without being heady or heavy. Malty notes of breads, nuts and perhaps chocolate

Märzen(Seasonal) 4.8%

This beer displays a rich amber colour with a clean, light, malty, yet very thirst quenching character, followed by a delicate but firm hop flavour. A traditional German Oktoberfest beer!

Dunkel Weizen(Seasonal) 5.0%

This is another of Elmar’s wheat beers. Unlike the Kick Back, it is a dark roasted wheat beer, giving it more of a smoky finish.