Gift Vouchers at Elmar’s: Giving the present of hope & good cheer

The past few months have been – well – shall we say, challenging? Every day, news headlines have projected a grim leader board of Covid cases throughout Australia and around the world. And while we’re cautiously celebrating what seems to be a national favourable outcome, we’re all still understandably cautious.   So how about the gift of hope and good cheer? . . . read the full article

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Adjust & Adapt: You can still enjoy Elmar’s during Coronavirus Lockdown

Who’d have believed how much the world could change within a few short weeks? From summer fun with a packed restaurant and a Biergarten heaving with family joy, to a new ‘normal’ of 1.5 metre distancing, home isolating and not seeing our loved ones… It’s a tough time.  However, we’re an inventive team at Elmar’s. So, we’ve adapted a COVID-19 plan to allow . . . read the full article

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Elmar’s In The Valley Bushfire Fundraiser: Get involved

As one of the millions of people from around the world who’ve made Australia their home, co-owner and co-founder of Elmar’s In The Valley, Anette Dieren, is heart-broken at the devastation being caused by the country’s raging bushfires. The fact that so much of Australia’s fauna and flora is being destroyed, with an estimated billion . . . read the full article

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What To Do In The Swan Valley

Perth may be famous for its endless stretch of pristine coastline, but if you head east for just a few kilometres, you’ll discover something equally amazing that’s also putting this unique city on the world map.  The beautiful Swan Valley. That’s right, the Swan Valley has become a must-visit destination for tourists as well as . . . read the full article

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Things To Do In The Swan Valley

There’s never a dull moment in the Swan Valley – not just because there are so many amazing things to do and places to visit there, but also because there’s always something new on the go. It’s always been known for its unique creative energy, so it’s not surprising that the Swan Valley community continually . . . read the full article

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Head Brewer Named Ruler of the Swan Valley

According to PRIMOLife Magazine our Head Brewer, Damien Bussemaker, rules the Swan Valley and we couldn’t agree more! Damien Bussemaker has worked at Elmar’s in the Valley for the past three years and has brought to you, every day favourites such as the Ein Stein Pilsner and Kick Back Wheat Beer, as well as seasonal . . . read the full article

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Elmar’s stars in Our State on a Plate

Have you ever wondered where your food comes from? What goes into growing the best produce? How to create great recipes, using only the best local and freshest produce? WA is home to some of the world’s most unique and finest produce and Our State on a Plate showed us just how amazing our state really is. . . . read the full article

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