Oktoberfest For Families – A Great Day Out

Calling all parents who want their kids to experience the exciting tastes and culture of a foreign country without having to jump on a plane – you need to diarise an outing to the Oktoberfest at Elmar’s in the Valley. Like its famous counterpart in Munich, this authentic beer and folk festival is known for . . . read the full article

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All About Oktoberfest – The World’s Largest Beer Festival

Munich’s Oktoberfest may be the world’s largest beer festival, playing host to six million visitors each year who consume over six million litres of ‘liquid gold’ during the 16-day event, but it’s probably the world’s longest-running wedding celebration too! The Oktoberfest tradition dates back to 1810 when the citizens of Munich were invited to participate . . . read the full article

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What To Do In The Swan Valley

Perth may be famous for its endless stretch of pristine coastline, but if you head east for just a few kilometres, you’ll discover something equally amazing that’s also putting this unique city on the world map.  The beautiful Swan Valley. That’s right, the Swan Valley has become a must-visit destination for tourists as well as . . . read the full article

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Things To Do In The Swan Valley

There’s never a dull moment in the Swan Valley – not just because there are so many amazing things to do and places to visit there, but also because there’s always something new on the go. It’s always been known for its unique creative energy, so it’s not surprising that the Swan Valley community continually . . . read the full article

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What To Wear To Oktoberfest

Before you’ve even had the first sip of Bavarian brew or nibbled on a bratwurst, you can get right into the spirit of Oktoberfest with some fancy gear or accessories.

Most people opt for traditional leather lederhosen shorts (lay-der-hozen Posted in Events

When Is Oktoberfest in Perth?

Don’t stress if you can’t get to Munich this spring because you’ll find one of the most authentic German folk festivals right here on your doorstep at Elmar’s famous Oktoberfest in the Swan Valley.

Elmar’s celebration of all things Bavarian is Per…

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