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Visit Elmar's Smallgoods in Highate or Myaree to purchase a wide range of Elmar's Smallgoods. A range of smallgoods are also available to purchase at Elmar's in the Valley


Gourmet Ham - pork topside and silverside, cured and cooked.
Low salt, mild taste

Black Forest Ham - very lean pork leg pieces, cured, smoked and cooked.
Low salt, very tasty

Alpen Ham - pork rump, cured, smoked and cooked.
Very smokey taste with a thin strip of fat at the bottom

Ham on the Bone (Christmas only) - large leg of pork, cured, smoked and cooked.
Boned with only the shank bone remaining. A very popular Christmas Ham!


Roast Pork - pork shoulder pickled and baked with crackle on top. Tasty but not salty

Pastrami - Beef, cured, smoked and cooked with crushed coriander coating

Poledwica (Kasseleraufschnitt) - pork loin, cured, smoked and cooked. Very lean with light salt.

Roast Beef (rare) - a piece of roast beef, silverside or porterhouse.
Seasoned and baked until rare inside

Chilli Beef - beef, cured, smoked and cooked, coated with crushed chilli's. Very hot


Ham Salami - a fine beef, pork and veal mixture, with large ham pieces inside

Capsicum Salami - fine meat with red and green capsicum pieces.
Mild with a very nice capsicum flavour

Jagdwurst - medium coarse pork and veal mixture. Very nice taste with low salt

Green Pepper Salami - same as Jagdwurst but with mild green peppercorns

Fleischwurst - finely ground beef, pork and veal mixture that children love!

Tiroler - Jadgwurst with carraway seeds

Meatloaf (Leberkaese) - beef, pork and veal mixture, finely ground. Very nice hot when fresh from the overn, or reheated. Nice sliced thick and topped with fried onions and fried egg

Pizza Meatloaf - same mixture as meatloaf but coarser, with mushrooms, capsicum, peppercorns, cheese, ham pieces, herbs and pizza spices. Very spicy when hot, medium spice when cold

Pork Brawn - cooked pork meat in seasoned jelly. Also comes with carraway seeds

Sour Brawn - fine cut pork meat mixed with cucumbers and vinegar

Veal Brawn with Mushrooms - chunky veal pieces in jelly with sliced mushrooms.
Very lean, under 5% fat

Hausm Blutwurst - pork meat and pork fat cubes with seasoned blood base

Smoked Bloodwurst Ring - Hausm Bloodwurst, smoked in natural skin.
Also known as Black Pudding in England

Tonguewurst - Bloodwurst but with different spices and whole pieces of pork tongue


Kalbsleberwurst - pate made from veal and pork very finely ground. A taste everyone likes!

Chicken Liverwurst - pate made from chicken liver and pork, very finely ground,
with a dash of brandy added

Hausmacher Liverwurst - coarse ground with pork, fresh herbs, spices and marjoram.
Nice and chunky but still spreadable

Smoked Fine Liverwurst - same as Kalbsliverwurst but smoked in a natural skin
to penetrate the pate

Smoked Coarse Liverwurst - same as Hausmacher Liverwurst but smoked in a natural skin

Frankische Liverwurst - medium coarse pate, very tasty with fresh herbs and spices. Not as coarse as Hausmacher but not as fine as Kalbsliverwurst. Smoked in a large natural skins


Chilli Beer Sticks - pork only, smoked.
When soft - medium hot. When dry - hotter. When soft and heated in a soup or on a BBQ - very hot!

German Salami Stick - pork and beef, smoked. Red string - hot. White or grey string - mild.

Dried Beef Stick - thin strips of beef, cured, dried and lightly smoked. Very chewy, similar to Biltong

Hungarian Hot Salami - pork and beef, smoked, with a fine texture. Hot and spicy taste

Hungarian Mild Salami - pork and beef, smoked, with a a fine texture. Mild taste

German Salami - pork and beef, smoked, with a fine to medium texture. Mild taste

Pepper Salami - German Salami with dry green peppercorns. Medium spicy for people who do not like it hot, but do want it tasty. Not recommended for small children

Cervelatwurst - pork and beef, smoked, with a very fine texture, mild taste with mustard seeds.

Toscana - pork and beef, smoked Italian style, tasty but not hot. Very coarse texture

Landjaeger - pork only, smoked and seasoned with red wine and carraway seeds. Tasty but not hot

Tiroler Schinken - pork leg (ham), very dry with a 1 year processing time. Should be sliced very thin, has a salty, smokey taste. Cured with bay leaves and juniper berries. Pressed to be flat.

Lachsschinken - pork loin, salted and smoked. Very mild

Nusschinken - pork round steak, salted and smoke. Very lean, soft and mild.
Goes very well with melons

Schinkenspeck - pork rump, salted and smoked. The name comes from the little bit of fat (specK), that is under the lean part. A bit tastier but not as salty as Tiroler Schinken.
Can be used as a substitute for bacon

Kolbasz - pork only, smoked hot with fresh chilli's. Usually eaten cold but can be grilled
or warmed up in a soup

Mettwurst - pork only, smoked. When soft: very good in soups with cabbage.
When dry: perfect as nibblies. Very nice taste, not hot but tasty with mustard seeds.

Onion Beer Stick - pork only, smoked, nice flavour with onion
Bacon - pork belly with the loin, cured, seasoned, cooked and smoked

Continental Bacon - pork belly cured, seasoned and smoked, NOT cooked.

Kaiserfleisch - pork belly, cured, seasoned, cooked and smoked

Smoked Back Fat - pork back fat, cured and smoked, ideal for soups and roasts
and as a substitute to oil/butter

Smoked Venison - venison leg, salted (cured) and smoked. Very lean and dry.
Light salty and gamey taste

Smoked Beef - beef topsie salted (cured) and smoked. 6 month production time


Fleischwurst Ring - Similar mixture as Knacker but with different seasoning.
Red/White string: garlic. Grey string: no garlic

Krakauer - 90% pork, 10% veal and beef, medium coarse, very tasty with medium garlic

Cabanas - 90% pork, 10% veal and beef. Same texture as Debreziner but not hot.
Tasty with a bit of garlic

Knacker - very similar mixture to Wieners, but with less veal.
Bigger in skin and a little longer. Smoked

Cheese Kranski- 90% pork, 10% veal and beef. Medium coarse with fresh herbs and tasty cheese

Kranski - 90% pork, 10% veal and beef. Medium coarse, very tasty with garlic but not hot

Debresiner - 90% pork, 10% veal and beef, with chilli, finer thank Kranski but not as fine as Wieners.
Spicy when eaten cold, a bit hotter when warmed up

Wiener - pork, veal and beef mixture, very fine ground. Cooked and smoked. Can be eaten cold as they are or warmed up. Very mild with soft skins, perfect for anyone, including young children

Cocktail Wiener - same as Wiener but in a smaller size.
Ideal for a picnic, childrens party or as a nibblie

Venison Bratwurst - venison and a little pork, medium ground.
The venison is marinated in red wine with spices. A real taste sensation!

Thuringer Bratwurst - medium coarse ground pork and veal, spiced with fresh herbs
Turkey Bratwurst (seasonal) - turkey and pork, medium coarse ground.

Tasty and great for poultry lovers!

Coarse Bratwurst - minced pork, deliciously seasoned

Nuernberger Bratwurst - medium coarse minced pork with garden fresh herbs and spices

Hungarian Bratwurst - coarse minced pork with nice spices and chilli. Medium spice

Veal and Spring Onion Bratwurst (Weisswurst) - one of the most popular Bratwurst.
Very mild and popular with children. Veal and pork mince with spring onion

Curry Bratwurst (Currywurst) - very fine ground pork, veal and beef,
deliciously spiced with curry. Not hot

Grillbratwurst - pork, veal and beef, medium ground. Very tasty and NOT hot.

Garlic Bratwurst - same as Grillbratwurst but with fresh minced garlic

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