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German Brewery in Perth

Enjoy Beer at Authentic German Brewery located in the Swan Valley

All of Elmar’s beers are created right here at our Swan Valley brewery, only 40 minutes from Perth’s CBD. We are home to the largest glass micro-brewery in the southern hemisphere, with a glass kettle and copper lauter vessel, all of which can be seen through a glass viewing platform from the bar area. The brewery is run by a state of the art computer system that has been imported from Germany, which plays a big role in ensuring that the authenticity and high quality of the beer is maintained.

All of Elmar’s beer is brewed onsite to the exact standards of the Bavarian Purity Law of 1516, which states that the only ingredients used for the brewing of beer must be malt, hops, water and yeast. Using only the freshest malts and hops, all imported direct from Germany, the beers on tap at Elmar’s include no artificial colours or flavours, and are totally free from preservatives or chemicals.

Many of the big commercial breweries filter their beer, and through quick heating and pasteurisation techniques, can extend its use-by date. By doing this, most of the valuable protein, Vitamin B complex and yeast are killed, leaving the beer in a preservative state. At Elmar’s, our beers are all naturally conditioned, with the Ein Stein Pilsner conditioning in the tanks for up to nine weeks before it is served to the customer. Besides the Ein Stein Pilsner, Elmar’s also offers Kick Back Wheat, Over Draft Alt Ale and Schwarz Bier all year round. In addition, a variety of seasonal beers are regularly brewed, including Märzen, a traditional German Oktoberfest beer, which we brew during March and condition until October.

All of Elmar’s beers are served directly to the customer from vats in the specially designed and temperature controlled brew house that is located directly behind the bar. Guests can enjoy our beer in small 100ml tasters all the way up to impressive German 1 litre steins.

Our brewery, located in the heart of the Swan Valley, Perth, is the perfect opportunity for visitors to experience something a little different. Regular beer talks that explore the beer making process and the history of German beer can be enjoyed while tasting the fine beers and delectable smallgoods we have on offer. Guided brewery tours can be booked on request with our Head Brewer.

With the picturesque Swan Valley situated only a short drive from the Perth CBD, Elmar’s is easily accessible, and regularly plays host to a variety of functions and events. Among our more popular spaces is the indoor raised bar area with glass windows that provides a good view of our brewery and overlooks the restaurant, making it perfect for stand-up dining functions, drinks and brewery talks. With a capacity of 50 guests, it is a unique venue that is sure to impress.

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Ein Stein Ein Stein Pilsner - 4.8%
A fine example of German brewing tradition, a delicate and refreshing balance of malt and hops in the mouth, leading into a stunningly dry finish with a beautiful bouquet of hop aroma and honey sweetness.
Kick Back Kick Back Wheat Beer - 4.8%
A traditional Bavarian Wheat Bier made using 50% wheat malt with a thirst quenching burst of banana. With hints of vanilla and a subtle finish of aromatic hops coming through on the finish.
Overdraught Over Draft Alt Ale - 4.8%
A classic Dusseldorf style Alt Bier, brewed with a blend of dark roasted malts, which in turn contribute to the light copper colour of this beer. Combined with Ale yeast this beer has rich fruit flavours and an assertively hoppy and dry finish.
Schwarz Bier Schwarzbier 5.0%
A dark German lager, ruby red in colour, with a chocolatey coffee flavour. Schwarzbier is much milder & less bitter than British stouts and porters.
Bock Bier
Bock Bier (Seasonal) 6.0%
Elmar’s version of the Traditional Bock Bier, with strong malt characteristics and a fruity flavour. This refreshing beer is rich golden to amber in colour with a smooth, creamy head. Liquid bread!
Helles Helles (Seasonal) 3.9% 
Straw-blonde in colour and traditionally brewed in Munich, Helles has a pleasantly sweet, grainy aroma. It is malty, with just a hint of bitterness, making it a clean, easy drinking lager. 
Cloudy Pils Cloudy Pilsner (Seasonal) 4.8%
An unfiltered version of the Ein Stein Pilsner, but with more body and flavour. Perfect for those not afraid of an unfiltered beer!
Marzen Marzen (Seasonal) 4.8%
This beer displays a rich amber colour with a clean, light, malty, yet very thirst quenching character, followed bya delicate but firm hop flavour. A traditional German Oktoberfest beer!
Kolsch Kölsch (Seasonal) 4.3%
This tasty ale is fermented at a cooler temperature which results in a less fruitier taste, PERFECT for a hot day in our famous Two Acre Beer Garden! 
Black Diamond Black Diamond (Seasonal) 4.8%
A darker, roastier version of a Schwarz beer which combines extra Munich and dark malt with subtle hoppiness, to create a smooth, malty ale with a roasted, dry finish.

For more information regarding our Perth Brewery, feel free to contact our friendly staff anytime.

Contact Elmars

8731 West Swan Road
Henley Brook WA 6055

Phone (08) 9296 6354
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Elmars In The Valley
A: 8731 West Swan Road, Henley Brook WA 6055
T: (08) 9296 6354
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