Are Elmar’s Bratwurst The Best You’ll Ever Eat Outside Of Germany?

Take The Sausage Taste Test And Make Up Your Own Mind.

There’s Bratwurst… And then there’s Bratwurst. Many claim to offer an authentic German sausage but few producers have the background and know-how to satisfy the Australian palate. This classic European favourite demands the highest quality products and freshest ingredients – plus an individual creator’s twist that elevates the simple snag to a level where each bite explodes in a flavour sensation.

Elmar’s offers a true piece of German cuisine right here in Perth. Thousands of miles from the owner’s native land, Elmar has built up a state-wide reputation over many decades as one of the finest Smallgoods butchers and serveries in the region. Since the opening of their first outlet in Highgate in 1987, the Elmar’s Bratwurst has achieved what can only be described as cult status.

The reasons are many. Perhaps it begins with meat and spices. Only the best makes it into an Elmar’s Bratwurst. No offcuts allowed, meaning every bite delights with quality cuts of meat. Then there’s the smoking process, an essential element of the perfect German sausage. The beechwood chips used in all of their Smallgoods products are imported from Germany and are guaranteed to be pesticide-free. Add in the strict quality control, modern technology and the traditional recipes, tweaked with a secret combination of herbs and spices, and you begin to glimpse an inkling as to how the magic is created.

But it doesn’t end there, because over 30 different varieties make for an almost never-ending selection choice. From Grillbratwurst to Garlic Bratwurst, Hungarian Bratwurst, Venison Bratwurst to the ever-popular Curry Bratwurst, Elmar’s offer a traditional German snag to suit every taste.

The popularity of all Elmar’s Smallgoods products is further enhanced by being free from gluten, preservatives, artificial colours and flavours. This means that, for the most part, even those with intolerances and allergies can tuck in, safe in the knowledge that they’re eating the purest of products. Whether you enjoy a signature Bratwurst from Elmar’s Swan Valley location or pick up a pack or two from their outlets in Highgate or Myaree, the ultimate way to savour this taste sensation is straight from the BBQ.

So what are you waiting for? Take the sausage taste test and discover what all the fuss is about…


About Elmar’s

Elmar’s has been a Smallgoods butcher for over 50 years, Their first Australian outlet opened in Highgate in 1987, with Myaree following in 2000 and the idyllic location in the Swan Valley in 2005. Today, their signature Bratwurst and other classic German and Australian dishes are firm favourites among an ever-growing legion of loyal customers. Lovers of great food, home-brewed German beer and regular family-friendly events can book a table at their 2-acre Swan Valley restaurant or pick up any of the wide range of Smallgoods at a range of locations around WA.

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