Cosy Up for a Long Winter Weekend in the Swan Valley

Winter is a-coming, but that certainly doesn’t put an end to travel and adventure. The Swan Valley is picturesque at any time of the year, but from May to October the region takes on a special kind of wonder. From hearty speciality dishes to award-winning local red wine, the following details the many ways to get active, savour the local culture and – very importantly – stay warm this winter.

Time to go Bush

This time of year is ideal to explore by foot. Bush walks during the winter are magical and there’s options for all ages and levels of fitness. The increased rainfall makes for majestic waterfalls – we particularly recommend the Noble Falls Walk Trail, a 3.5km easy graded walk with amazing views and a great chance of spotting birds and other wildlife.

For budding botanists and the chance to see many native flowers, the Wandoo Heights Walking Trail is home to a diverse collection of plants and wildflowers. It’s slightly more challenging but can still be completed by anyone of average fitness. At 3.5km long, it’s a wonderful half day hike that’ll set you up for trying some of the wonderful winter-inspired menus on offer in the region

A Foodies’ Paradise

WA is developing quite a reputation for the quality of its restaurants. Come the cooler months, menus take on a distinctly hearty angle, perfect for lunchtime refuelling during an exploration day or to wind down over a long lazy evening meal.

Elmar’s in the Valley is one of the best places to rest and recharge. With their signature pork shank making a star appearance, meat-lovers will be in seventh heaven. Vegans and vegetarians are also well catered for, and rest assured that there’s always a hearty soup on the menu to warm the cockles when you come in from the cold.

Of course, the balmy Aussie climate means that it’s not always cold during the winter. On mild sunny days, the Alfresco lounge area is a great place to sit and soak up the atmosphere. Plus, the kids are welcome to blow off steam in the playground and 2-acre biergarten while you relax with a glass of mulled wine or one of our home-brewed German biers.

And talking about wine…

Sample the Famous Australia Reds

The Swan Valley is world-famous for its wines and there’s no better time to sample a great red than a cold winter’s day. Shiraz, Pinot Noir, Cabernet, Merlot… The choice will satisfy every palate and preference.

There’s a host of award-winning wineries where you enjoy a tasting. You can join an official tour or simply rock up at your chosen estate and explore. There are many to choose from, just be sure to ring ahead or check the individual website for opening hours. A good list to start from can be found on the official Swan Valley website.

Some of the wineries specialise in the creation of a special kind of wine, known as fortified wine. Examples of this include port and sherry, famously made in Portugal and Spain respectively. But Europe certainly isn’t the only place you can enjoy them – some of the Swan Valley estates brew their own unique fortified wine delights. One place is the Pinelli Estate, where you can enjoy a range that go perfectly with sweet desserts or cheese.

Snuggle Up in Front of a Crackling Fire

There’s no time like winter to enjoy a roaring fire. Whether it’s in your Airbnb holiday home or at a snug restaurant location, there’s something hypnotic about dancing flames and the inimitable smell of woodsmoke. Plus, it’s so welcoming when you head in from the chill outside. A squashy sofa, glass of red and some great food completes the experience – and there’s no better place to enjoy doing so than in the idyllic Swan Valley.

No matter what tickles your tastebuds, the region is ripe to explore this winter. So, what are you waiting for? The combination of crisp winter day, bracing bush walks, fab cuisine, tantalising wines and a location that’s one of the best on the planet – there’s ever been a better time to come visit.

The locals can’t wait to meet you…

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