Keeping Your Team Motivated This Christmas

The run-up to Christmas has always been a strange time of year for companies. Some employees get distracted by the upcoming holiday season, looking forward to some well-earned time off. Others, focusing on the delivery of targets or working extra-hard to meet increased seasonal workload, become stressed and de-motivated.

And then there’s COVID…

With the year having brought some of the toughest times in living memory, if ever there was a reason to throw a motivational Christmas bash then the pandemic has to be it. Here at Elmar’s in the Valley, we’re committed to providing dedicated corporate functions that deliver the expected fun-factor, but that also allows for the necessary social distancing measures.

Reasons to Choose Elmar’s for Your Corporate Christmas Celebration

Efforts to boost staff morale have never been so important as in 2020. A Christmas party is the ideal manner in which to do this. Thankfully, the current limited restrictions in WA mean that we’re able to continue with these traditional celebrations.

Choosing Elmar’s brings a multitude of advantages:

  • Partial or exclusive use packages: One thing our restaurant boasts is space – and lots of it. Your office Christmas celebration can take place in our restaurant, outside in our gorgeous 2-acre Biergarten or in the sumptuous marquee. Choose from partial or exclusive hire depending on requirements and the number of people you’re hosting.
  • Package deal or bespoke: We’ve put together some awesome food and beverage packages. Alternatively, we can create a unique offering specifically to your requirements.
  • Dine beneath the stars: The Biergarten is the perfect location for work colleagues to enjoy a festive meal. Watch the sunset and then party the night away under Mother Nature’s inter-stellar twinkling lights. Alternatively, select the restaurant or marquee for a more intimate location.
  • Elmar’s great reputation communicates a message that your staff are truly valued: We think it’s OK to blow our own trumpet a little – we’re proud of the feedback that we get from our corporate events. One recent review for a staff function of 90 people stated, “The German food platters were outstanding and the kitchen catered to our changing timeframes throughout the day to suit the function”. A fabulous Christmas party does wonders for staff morale, not only during and after the event but during the weeks of anticipation as well.
  • We German’s know how to throw a party: Great food (including German and Aussie favourites), fab German Bier, superb location and a wonderful atmosphere. Combine this with our talent for hosting the parties that run according to plan and you’re set for the perfect corporate function for your office Christmas celebration.

2020: Never has a year been so deserving of an Office Christmas Function

Over recent years the call for an annual Christmas gathering has waned somewhat. But this year? Well, everything is different. The pandemic has had a massive effect on the mental health of the nation. Something as simple as a traditional festive get together will have advantages that last well beyond that of the event itself.

  • Increases team morale: In these nervous times this is more important than ever. Worries over job security, extra work responsibilities, remote working and related stress, increased targets in a shrinking global economy… All of these elements are having a detrimental effect on workforces and staff state of mind. A Christmas meal and the opportunity to let their hair down with colleagues is a great way to increase team spirit.
  • Promotes better staff relationships: Many of us have been plunged into more remote working than normal. While this might be great for some, it removes the natural human need for companionship. The chance to get together and socialise with other staff helps with working relationships. This in turn increases future productivity.
  • Increase staff engagement, motivation and retention: Happy staff work harder, are more productive and are more engaged with business objectives. They’re also more likely to remain loyal to a company, thanks to feeling valued and motivated in their role.

In an uncertain future, one thing you can be sure of is that your corporate Christmas party at Elmar’s in the Valley will be the morale-boosting event your staff need. Visit our Christmas Corporate Functions page to find out more and book your date today.

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