Elmar’s in the Valley: Psychic Dinner

Are you curious about what the future holds? Would you like guidance and clarity as to how to live your best life? How about combining this with a delicious three-course dinner in one of the most delightful settings in the Swan Valley?

Then you’re going to love the Psychic Dinner evenings at Elmar’s starting on Saturday 14th March – a great night out with friends or family that includes three psychic readings for each attendee.

Everything You Need To Know About Psychic Readings

While psychic readings do, to some extent, help give you an idea of what life has in store, they aren’t all about predicting the future. Good psychics have the ability to pick up on what might be in store for you, look into your past, analyse the present and get an insight into the future. Some might be mediums, others use tools, such as tarot cards, runes or other clairvoyance to reveal the path ahead.

  • Whatever means a psychic uses, the key is to help you discover more about yourself, see any patterns, perhaps pick up on messages from the spirit world (in the case of mediums) and then connect the dots to help you make the best personal choices as to how to direct your life in the future.
  • You can choose to ask specific questions, such as about your career, family life or romantic issues, or perhaps enjoy a more generalised reading.
  • Don’t worry… Reputable psychics don’t have any correlation with Hollywood sensationalism. This is all about discovering patterns in your life and helping you to determine the best way to work through any issues or, to simply pave the path for success to help you reach your goals.

Food and the Future

Elmar’s Psychic Dinners combine this incredible method of self-discovery with a fab night out. Offering the ultimate in traditional German and Australian food (not to mention our on-site brewery specialising in craft German beer), these dinners are incredibly popular for believers, non-believers and those who’re just curious as to what a psychic reading actually is.

Subject to availability, there will be bonus healers, mediums, psychics and Reiki practitioners offering their advice and services.

As we’ve said, these nights out are massively popular, making advance bookings essential. The charge is $118 per person, to include three psychic readings and a delicious three-course meal (we promise you won’t go home hungry – either for food or knowledge!).

Book Your Place at Elmar’s Psychic Dinner Now

The first 2020 event takes place on Saturday 14th March, with more scheduled for throughout the year:

  • Saturday 14th March
  • Saturday 23rd May
  • Saturday 18th July
  • Saturday 19th September
  • Saturday 28th November

Visit Elmar’s Psychic Dinner to find out more and book your place now. It really is a rip-roaring great night out.

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