November Fun at Elmar’s in the Valley

With summer well under way there’s no better time to enjoy the delights at Elmar’s in the Valley than during the month of November. If you thought we were just about food, then think again… Because not only do our loyal fans flock from miles around for the most delectable dishes and craft beer in the region, they also come for our unique approach to entertainment.

Not for us the same old-same old rolled out in a predictable (dare we say, boring) manner… Because at Elmar’s we like to shake things up a little. We know your free time is precious, so why waste it on something that’s been done a thousand times before…?

From gourmet food to psychic readings, being serenaded as you dine through to a celebration of sheer human strength, we’ve got something to suit everyone. When you join us on our innovative take on your R&R we promise two things: an awesome gourmet experience (of course) and some incredible mind-blowing events – the type that memories are made of.

But book soon because we always sell out. Don’t say we didn’t warn you…

Elmar’s at Gourmet Feast in the Valley

Date: Saturday & Sunday 9-10 November

WA’s Gourmet Escape is an extraordinary celebration of great food and beverages, and the weekend of 9-10 November is a weekend-long event held at Sandalford Estate, and a sensory event that combines some of life’s most sought after joys: mouth-watering gourmet food, delicious artisan beer, West Aussie wine, celebrity chefs, wicked tunes and live music – headlined by The Reubens and supported by Fergus James (and that’s just a couple of the great acts) plus a whole host of other activities that’ll keep the whole family occupied from morning to night.

We’ll be offering our famous craft beers – the perfect drink by which to wash down the fab food, not to mention quench the thirst you’ll drum up as you enjoy the massive variety of entertainment to choose from.

This weekend-long event is sure to be a sell out, so get your tickets now at add link – we can’t wait to see you there.

Elmar’s Psychic Dinner

Date: Saturday 16 November

A one-of-a-kind event for the believers, the quizzical and even those who have only the teensy bit of curiosity about the psychic plane, Elmar’s Psychic Dinner certainly isn’t something you participate in every day. And let’s face it, what’s more fascinating than gaining a little insight into the ‘other’ side of what we think of as reality.

Our psychic dinner combines an incredible food-fest with a truly other-world experience – a chance to benefit from 3 expert psychic readings that’ll provide a unique perspective to many of life’s unanswered questions.

Need some guidance – either on something specific or life in general? Looking for clarity to those sought after queries? Combine great eats with extrasensory intel and even the most cynical among you has to admit that the stage is perfectly set for a fascinating evening.

At $115 per person you’ll enjoy a sumptuous 3-course meal and 3 psychic readings. Booking is essential at link

West Coast Festival of Strength

Date: Sunday 24 November

Produced in combination with the Highland Games WA, the Festival of Strength guarantees a wicked day out for all the family. Feast your eyes on some of the strongest, fittest guys and gals out there as they compete and demonstrate a variety of muscle-touting flexibility and strength.

Events include:

  • Arm wrestling
  • Olympic lifting
  • Highlander heavy athletics
  • Powerlifting
  • All-round weightlifting

And, of course, the chance to sample some delicious eats from Elmar’s, not to mention our divine German beers hand-crafted in our on-site brewery.

Suitable for all, be sure to purchase your tickets early at the official West Coast Festival of Strength website.

Summer Sundowner

Date: Friday 29 November

This evening event is all about the celebration of food, music, cocktails and the sheer joy of being alive…! We kick off at 4pm in our extensive Biergarten – a place to wander beneath twinkling lights as you graze tables groaning under the weight of some of the most enticing edibles known to man.

Fancy an oyster? We’ve got you covered… A cocktail or two ? Sorted… And for those with a sweet tooth then the vintage ice cream van is gonna rock your world! Not only can you eat and drink to your heart’s content, you’ll do so to the dulcet tones of our fav local musician – Ben Merito.

Once again, places are limited so book your tickets now

Happy November, folks – we can’t wait to see you…


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